Easter weekend challenge!

Hello friends!!

Want to hear me dive into Romans for this Easter weekend!? Hop over to the new ministries facebook page and have a listen! I’d love to continue our relationship from this blog and want to invite you in to all the platforms!

new website coming your way!

Hey friends!

As I promised, the new website is almost up and running! If you want to continue following along with me, hop over to the new website here, and pre-subscribe to the ministry! You’ll be first to hear about our content and official launch in May!

Can’t wait to continue this journey with you all!


thank you beloved followers!


Oh my I made it to my first mile marker, 100 followers!! I am overwhelmed with the support you have all given me with following along!

I am so excited to invite you into the next development of this blog! As a reminder it will be launching at the beginning of May.

SO, hang in there for me, I’ll be back soon ❤

coming soon!!

Hello lovely friends!

I will be taking a break from posting on this blog. Stay tuned though, it will be re-launched as an online resource for believers at the beginning of May!

Thank you all for your continuous support and encouragement! I promise to keep you all updated on the process, and hope you choose to follow along with the new launch ❤

when the devil wages war

It’s been a while since I’ve stared at a blank screen for the sole purpose of letting it all out. I would look to this act as a place of peace, joy, pouring out, and consuming. A perfect cluster of beauty and brokenness that I ran to on a daily basis.

How quickly do you lose site of your gift when life gets in the way? I lost it. And I’m running full force back at it.

I am overwhelmed with this realization. That even in an act of ministry we can fail and fail hard. Why? We may all be called to minister, but none of us are qualified. Because though the bow is tied, and the wrapping is shiny, we are broken and shattered on the inside. We are sinners at heart and perfection should not be our end game, yet we constantly make it so. Without even realizing it I turned my purpose into a job; another task on my list; and a deadline I needed to meet. I allowed the devil to use the joy in God to be the turn from God. Read More

do we weep for the Lord?

Have you ever wondered why we shy away from direct verbiage? The words that dig deep; the ones with a harsh connotation and leave us somewhat uncomfortable inside. We beat around the bush. We tiptoe the conversation in order to make ourselves or someone else feel at ease. We don’t even realize we do it, yet it is a constant piece of work in our minds every single day. It’s an instant thought that suggests we might offend someone, or they might not understand our passion, so therefore, we change the wording.

As a writer, this irks me. My heart aches for the beautiful language we were meant to speak, but so often cover. This gift of communication is undefinable, it’s hard to grasp its root, its birth- yet we easily take it for granted by allowing our minds to suppress its’ power. Read More