3 tips for hiking in Florida

They warn you that hiking is a different ball game depending on terrain, weather, and atmosphere. Recently I moved to the sunny state of Florida, taking my Missouri hiking boots and knowledge with me. With the first step into a state park, I was a beginner all over again. I was so used to looking up a state park, typing it into GPS and just following the trail, it never occurred to me to look up what to expect from the parks here in Florida.

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the state park that hooked me

Missouri’s Little Oasis

Every now and then I crave the simple; the near and known type of hikes that offer heart pounding peace. Contradiction? I believe there is considerable beauty in an environment that has formed itself into a chameleon- one that can be challenging and tranquil, and all at the same time. In the heart of St. Louis, Missouri there’s a state park near and dear to my heart- Castlewood.

Most of the sought-after hikes of Missouri are out towards the Ozarks, and though mesmerizing, it’s a hidden treasure to have a bountiful state park just a few blocks away. Read More

You are worthy {Lord}

We take roughly 32,000 breaths in one day- letting the energy of this world filter through our bodies, cleansing our heart with septic desires and an idea of lust that has no match for love. In a life that is overflowing with screened joy, we fall into a pattern of addiction, whether it be by consumption or material value, and still, are dumbfounded by the depression that can consume us. Reality wakes up and sees the dependency on this world as the cause and effect of an unknown identity, an unknown purpose.

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running after God

It’s daunting, how easily we are gripped by fear; without even knowing it our minds are hung up by the lies of our dismayed hearts. Our feet walk one direction as our eyes look another. We desire and crave as silently as angst commands. It tends to lie naked and confident; longing to demolish any chance of ignorance left inside our bodies and holds us as stone-

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