when the devil wages war

It’s been a while since I’ve stared at a blank screen for the sole purpose of letting it all out. I would look to this act as a place of peace, joy, pouring out, and consuming. A perfect cluster of beauty and brokenness that I ran to on a daily basis.

How quickly do you lose site of your gift when life gets in the way? I lost it. And I’m running full force back at it.

I am overwhelmed with this realization. That even in an act of ministry we can fail and fail hard. Why? We may all be called to minister, but none of us are qualified. Because though the bow is tied, and the wrapping is shiny, we are broken and shattered on the inside. We are sinners at heart and perfection should not be our end game, yet we constantly make it so. Without even realizing it I turned my purpose into a job; another task on my list; and a deadline I needed to meet. I allowed the devil to use the joy in God to be the turn from God. Read More

do we weep for the Lord?

Have you ever wondered why we shy away from direct verbiage? The words that dig deep; the ones with a harsh connotation and leave us somewhat uncomfortable inside. We beat around the bush. We tiptoe the conversation in order to make ourselves or someone else feel at ease. We don’t even realize we do it, yet it is a constant piece of work in our minds every single day. It’s an instant thought that suggests we might offend someone, or they might not understand our passion, so therefore, we change the wording.

As a writer, this irks me. My heart aches for the beautiful language we were meant to speak, but so often cover. This gift of communication is undefinable, it’s hard to grasp its root, its birth- yet we easily take it for granted by allowing our minds to suppress its’ power. Read More

the promise of God we tend to ignore

Our culture tends to revolve around eliminating darkness. We want to lie away our wrongdoings, hide the shame, and cover up the deceit. We choose naivety in order to make the world seem like a “better” place. We tell each other our sin is acceptable; and ourselves that we’re better than our neighbor. We’ve developed a mindset of moral ladders and as long as we’re not on the bottom, we’ll survive.

Even as believers, we tend to fall in this trap. We sugarcoat life’s unexpectedness and harshness with the idea of “God’s plan” and “everything happens for a reason”. Somewhere along the line we lost sight of the truth and let our vulnerabilities run the show.

So, what is the truth? Read More

Check out this amazing team!

Morning friends!

I have had the privilege of guest posting on a website Elevated Faith. If you have not heard of this company take some time and check them out! Their mission to serve and spread the good news is amazing. Not to mention their apparel is to die for.

While you’re there if you have some time check out my guest post on what nourishes our life!

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finding completeness in Him – a Valentines Day reminder

We are in a constant state of desire; for companionship, passion, respect, character, grace. The list could go on but essentially, we are designed to thirst for the kind of love that inhibits our entirety- our heart, mind, soul, and body.  In every aspect we crave more and always feel at least one category lacking. Am I right?

If it’s not the undivided attention then it’s the warm, gentle touch. There is never enough embrace in this life, so we are constantly searching out for the final “fill”; that one idea we’ve convinced ourselves we need in order to be fulfilled or satisfied.

If there is one thing that could sum up the last year of my life, it’s that you will always search for completion until you realize that you’ve already been made complete. Read More

accepting our sinful nature

I’ve realized I tend to discuss our “sinful nature.” It has become a staple in my most recent posts, and this made me desire to dissect its character as a statement and its truth as a fact. Why do I lean on this as a description of who we are? Because it is the truest definition of our being, and without accepting it, we could never view Jesus with the glory that He deserves.

Some of the most popular questions that are thrown our way are things like why do we accept His love with all the bad that happens in the world; and why doesn’t God take it all away; or why doesn’t God give us more good?

The answers to these questions ultimately crumble down to the vary raw and vulnerable truth that sin has destroyed God’s original plan, and therefore we are not capable of accepting His good. Let me break this down more. Read More