am i blessed

Our state of being can breathe into our foundation of faith, giving it life and energy, running after and through the wonders of who our God is. Just as intensely, though, it has the audacity to drown us in our own pride and definitions of what we think makes life worth it.

For example, we have many states of being that we constantly tend to define our world with; happiness, meaning achievement; fulfillment, meaning attainment; and satisfaction, meaning recognition. These three areas run our mood, behavior, thoughts, and direction; yet I have come to realize, we have it completely wrong.

When something happens within these elements, we are overwhelmed with joy and love. It is a natural reaction to think it is a reward for something we did or said, or simply because of who we are. This mindset has been ingrained in our lives with constant rewards for “doing good.” I’m not saying we should never praise for good behavior or a Read More


I think it’s an instinct, even a reflex, to fear the dark. It’s an environment of complete unknown, taunting our creative minds to depict a stranger lurking in the corner, a monster under the bed. The worst deception is that of a ghost, or rather an evil spirit that you can’t physically defend yourself from. How would you run, what would you say, and would you survive?

You can see how quickly our perceptions allude us. Our mentality is not equipped to handle this world’s intellect, being an arrangement of angst, darkness, and temptations. In what perfect scenario could we find joy amidst a combination like that.

Think back to your childhood, clinging to your blankets in a very dark room until your mom comes in to turn on the nightlight. That tiny, solace of brightness is a source of pure tranquility. With that on, your world is untouchable. A soundless, dreamless sleep Read More

He is greater

There are instances of life that can change so suddenly; where one moment of calm shatters into anxiety. This looks different for everyone, and for me, its failing. Within one heartbeat my body temperature rises and my mind enters a dark place, consumed with the fear of consequences, outcomes, and opinions. It’s one of the many battles that blog5require a sword and shield but often I forget that that protection is God.

Failure is a loaded word, and it’s thriving element is our insecurities. But our Father is its’ dictator, meaning it has no authority over our life. In situations that we feel small, insignificant, and incompetent, God waits for us to call on Him.

I strive to remember my purpose is in God’s hands, not those of man. Therefore, I am not exhausted with that of school, jobs, talent, income- but given freedom from their hold on us. Read More

a trusting submission

Suffering is a harsh and brutal word; and it’s a part of our world in more ways than one. It has many faces- the agonizing, or the one that makes your body quiver with pain and mind spin in an endless maze, unsure of how to go on; the subtle, or the quiet one that thrives in hidden corners, slowly unraveling your heart; the sudden, or that moment of utter disbelief, where it takes quite an effort to figure out reality, and where your breath went.

How do you handle those seconds, and how do you explain them to someone else-

One of the hardest questions to answer about God’s character, is the copious amount of pain flourishing in this life. Most would say, there is no magic answer; that there is no “key” to living that makes it all go away. I will be one that disagrees.

As I have said in previous posts, I tend to dive into the deep-end when it comes to God’s truth. I crave and prosper off the un-explainable power and beauty that He has to offer Read More

You are worthy {Lord}

We take roughly 32,000 breaths in one day- letting the energy of this world filter through our bodies, cleansing our heart with septic desires and an idea of lust that has no match for love. In a life that is overflowing with screened joy, we fall into a pattern of addiction, whether it be by consumption or material value, and still, are dumbfounded by the depression that can consume us. Reality wakes up and sees the dependency on this world as the cause and effect of an unknown identity, an unknown purpose.

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running after God

It’s daunting, how easily we are gripped by fear; without even knowing it our minds are hung up by the lies of our dismayed hearts. Our feet walk one direction as our eyes look another. We desire and crave as silently as angst commands. It tends to lie naked and confident; longing to demolish any chance of ignorance left inside our bodies and holds us as stone-

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