3 tips for hiking in Florida

They warn you that hiking is a different ball game depending on terrain, weather, and atmosphere. Recently I moved to the sunny state of Florida, taking my Missouri hiking boots and knowledge with me. With the first step into a state park, I was a beginner all over again. I was so used to looking up a state park, typing it into GPS and just following the trail, it never occurred to me to look up what to expect from the parks here in Florida.

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the state park that hooked me

Missouri’s Little Oasis

Every now and then I crave the simple; the near and known type of hikes that offer heart pounding peace. Contradiction? I believe there is considerable beauty in an environment that has formed itself into a chameleon- one that can be challenging and tranquil, and all at the same time. In the heart of St. Louis, Missouri there’s a state park near and dear to my heart- Castlewood.

Most of the sought-after hikes of Missouri are out towards the Ozarks, and though mesmerizing, it’s a hidden treasure to have a bountiful state park just a few blocks away. Read More