God’s measurement of success : choosing Him

There’s a degree with which we tend to measure ourselves in our life- whether it be in school, careers, relationships- we hold up an expectation to hit in order to to be deemed successful. It’s as if in everything we do, there is an invisible scale to weigh our approach against our outcome, and our ambition against the fruit; we make the decision to do one thing, and expect for it to produce.

So, what happens when it doesn’t fulfill?

I don’t know about you, but I feel failure step on my chest and take away my breath. For some, it may mean picking up the pieces and trying again. For others, it may dictate a new attempt. Regardless of which one you are, neither paths bring you gratification. And all of them, require retracting action. Read More

what’s your favorite Psalm verse??

IMG_3438The psalms are so poetic; beautifully written with a harmony that will reach your heart every single time.

They are the perfect example of prayer- full of praise, crying out, and trusting in Him. You read these verses and remember what it looks like to be vulnerable and joyful, all at the same time.

I am currently starting from the beginning and meditating on each chapter. The verse that has be captivated right now is:

Psalm 3: 3-4 But you, Lord, are a shield about me, my glory and the lifter of my head. I cried aloud to the Lord, and he answered me from his holy hill

I want to hear what your favorite Psalm is! Or challenge you to revisit them and share which one wrecks you!

Feel free to message or comment below 🙂

choosing God in a world of chaos

It’s a fact, that this life beats us down. It’s a cluster of emotion, apathy, stillness, agitation, completely unending and disturbingly complex. Unnerving, how easy it is for us to lose ourselves amidst it all. For me, this busyness is both my weakness and my strength. Both a motivation and an impasse; an opportunity and a limitation.

This world is in a constant hustle; a ruthless one that is unaware of whom it leaves behind or springs forward. It just presses on with a fierceness that challenges those ambitious enough to follow, and deprives those insecure enough to let it. So, we are pressured into the boundaries this world creates for us, unsure of what direction to turn and decisions to make. We are therefore left to our own control, our own power, our own wisdom, to take that next step the world has laid in our hands. Read More

surrendering it all

I think it’s devastating, how often we deceive our own heart. How common it is to miss the cunning depths of our selfishness. For example, do you ever offer to help someone with a task, project, or anything of that nature, while secretly hoping they don’t take you up on it? Do you ever say you’re praying for someone, and forget to do so? Do you ever volunteer to participate in an event, and cross your fingers they don’t need you anymore? These are just a glimpse into the beguilement that hovers in our heart. A small aspect of our sin that has a massive impact on how we love others.

I’ve realized, this same deceit, can occur in our prayers to God. We ask Him to reveal, guide, intervene, forgive, love- yet when He answers, we aren’t always receptive. We find our minds linger on the side of our flesh, on the ideas that we thought up, on the plans Read More

intermittent faith – a thought on prayer

There’s an intrinsic faltering about who we are as humans; a wavering, or laziness, if you will. We cease in moments of harsh truth, criticism, hatred- we also fail in times of love, joy, and grace. There’s no medium with which to scale it, we simply desist on our own accord and for our own reasons. Whether it be fear, doubt, or ignorance, we are all gripped by some lie that halts our hearts from acting. It’s a subtle detriment clothed as callowness, and coated with toxins.

I can look back at my life, the current year, the present day, and see countless times of staggering; seconds of hesitation within my heart and illusive scenes of opportunities I didn’t take. It’s an intermittent form of faith, a momentary suspension of God- a forgetfulness, that sickens my soul. Read More

subtle judgment

Today, I conducted upwards of 80 interviews. Pre-screens that involve a few seconds of “why do you want to work for us?” and “what’s your availability like?” Pertinent questions any employer needs and should ask, and any interviewee should expect to hear. These are the basics, the obvious. These are also the most dangerous for a Christian heart.

This part of business opens hallways of space for the devil to walk right into, and for your mind to greet him at the door. It’s the very crucial and permissible justification that can violently change our faithful heart to a sinful one.

I struggle, daily, with the part of my job that reflects cold judgement. Both on others and myself. When you work solely for and around the public, it’s a beautiful and challenging opportunity. We have the perfect avenue to spread the gospel, to exemplify love, and to show grace; we also have the potential to fall into the devil’s antics of judging first impressions, measuring yourself against others, and building or breaking down pride. Read More