when my pride takes control – and His humbling command

I think it’s safe to say that majority of the time we refer to our self-image it’s in the context of outward beauty. It’s our figure, our hair color, our scars and marks; things that are obvious and appreciable. What we don’t often consider, is the inner workings of our ego. The part of ourselves that dictates a personal respect and personal worth. It lingers within our hearts as the thing that produces our confidence to move forward and put forth effort.

But it’s also the thing that keeps us at an arm’s length from Jesus.

James 4:6 But he gives us more grace. That is why scripture says: “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.”

This is not a “group” of Christians, but the entire church body. We are all called to humble ourselves before the Lord as His faithful followers. Jesus’ entire earthly ministry Read More

choosing God in a world of chaos

It’s a fact, that this life beats us down. It’s a cluster of emotion, apathy, stillness, agitation, completely unending and disturbingly complex. Unnerving, how easy it is for us to lose ourselves amidst it all. For me, this busyness is both my weakness and my strength. Both a motivation and an impasse; an opportunity and a limitation.

This world is in a constant hustle; a ruthless one that is unaware of whom it leaves behind or springs forward. It just presses on with a fierceness that challenges those ambitious enough to follow, and deprives those insecure enough to let it. So, we are pressured into the boundaries this world creates for us, unsure of what direction to turn and decisions to make. We are therefore left to our own control, our own power, our own wisdom, to take that next step the world has laid in our hands. Read More

our image in Jesus

Have you ever noticed the instinct to look at your reflection as you walk by mirrored objects? Whether it be a glass window, a puddle, a sleek car- does your physique capture your attention? It’s powerful, the intensity with which we care about our image; the curiosity we have as to what our present appearance looks like to the stranger’s eye; our obsession for approval within our own heart.

We gaze nonchalantly at our impressions, deeply searching for ratification in that second of opportunity. It’s subtle, and quite frankly, argued harmless. I counter, with the idea that this tendency is an exact imprint of the devil’s work.

There’s a daunting distinction between the two definitions of beauty- one is founded on a worldly dimension, and the other created as an outward expression of devotion. You see, one is beauty, and the other is purification. One is of the flesh, the other of Jesus. Read More

subtle judgment

Today, I conducted upwards of 80 interviews. Pre-screens that involve a few seconds of “why do you want to work for us?” and “what’s your availability like?” Pertinent questions any employer needs and should ask, and any interviewee should expect to hear. These are the basics, the obvious. These are also the most dangerous for a Christian heart.

This part of business opens hallways of space for the devil to walk right into, and for your mind to greet him at the door. It’s the very crucial and permissible justification that can violently change our faithful heart to a sinful one.

I struggle, daily, with the part of my job that reflects cold judgement. Both on others and myself. When you work solely for and around the public, it’s a beautiful and challenging opportunity. We have the perfect avenue to spread the gospel, to exemplify love, and to show grace; we also have the potential to fall into the devil’s antics of judging first impressions, measuring yourself against others, and building or breaking down pride. Read More

His intimate provision

Inherently, we desire companionship; and frequently, it comes in the form of craving or aching. In moments of emotional discomfort, we cling to the physical world. We search for tangible amenities that can soothe our raw hearts and satisfy the longing we feel we can’t control. We reach out, hoping to catch anything that’s available to tell us we belong, to have an intimacy that silences the loneliness and degrading thoughts. We idolize relationships, marriage, elders, siblings, etc. that we look to for a sense of wholeness, to talk to and be talked at, to connect and agree, to share in laughter and in cries. A hand to hold or someone to hug. We idolize them, and fall apart when it’s taken away.

When you dissect this concept, there’s one thing in common: palpable interaction. Concrete assurance and reassurance that that person is there in front of you, loving you, and fueling you. We thrust our hope, trust, and expectations into those that we tangibly love because it produces immediate and clear feedback. We rely on them to satisfy all our wishes and confirm all of our emotional tantrums- so when that person is no longer Read More

breaking the rules

Rules are used to dictate a standard; a decree to a way of living or behavior, and what specifically to do or not do in situations. We follow them, we break them, and as generations change many will judge you based on those numbers. It’s a race we run until one day, hopefully, we understand that there’s no prize.

Mine was a sprint. I followed those around me, running and panting after an acceptance that I would never obtain; a status that stole my self-worth and replaced it with conditional love.

These “rules” that I strove to break were a big part of the reason I ran from God; because God dictated these rules and I was not ready to follow them.

A week ago I had a post my resume for Jesus where I discussed the idea that we do not have to prove our worth to follow God, we simply have to choose Him. Read More