finding completeness in Him – a Valentines Day reminder

We are in a constant state of desire; for companionship, passion, respect, character, grace. The list could go on but essentially, we are designed to thirst for the kind of love that inhibits our entirety- our heart, mind, soul, and body.  In every aspect we crave more and always feel at least one category lacking. Am I right?

If it’s not the undivided attention then it’s the warm, gentle touch. There is never enough embrace in this life, so we are constantly searching out for the final “fill”; that one idea we’ve convinced ourselves we need in order to be fulfilled or satisfied.

If there is one thing that could sum up the last year of my life, it’s that you will always search for completion until you realize that you’ve already been made complete.

Ephesians 3:19 and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God

There’s a reason we are constantly wandering around our life, picking up meaningless attributes or lusting over temporary passions; it’s because we are designed to be delighted in a greater purpose. We are created with the breath of our God and therefore have ingrained in us the very image and love of Him. We search, when He’s already made us whole. We cling, when He’s already loved us. We meander, when we’ve already been given a path. Yet, we fill our lives with earthly concepts in order to feel a glimpse of emotion.

This detriment is strongest in the mind of singleness; in the mind of loneliness. When we are convinced we are the only one within our four walls and walking this life alone, we fall to the power of immediate desires. We allow our hearts to grow weary, to weep, and to weaken. Meaning, we begin to fill our conscious with lies of lust and seclusion which can so easily turn into a spiral of depression and self-deprecation. It’s the easiest way the enemy wins because it’s the quickest way we pull away from our God.

Because of His intangible presence, our natural digression is to our self-pity and sorrow. We feel as though we are owed a relationship that will give us all the passions of our heart, satisfy the hunger of our flesh, and appease the longing in our mind. We assume we are promised the title of wife and role of mother; we are our own persuasion to our season of life, as to why we are in it and why we haven’t moved forward. We are our greatest fan and strongest motivation to fall into egotistical thoughts.

But my friends, this “owing” we fight for and “promise” we claim has already been fulfilled. Jesus Christ provides the only love worth longing for and it’s the only one constantly yielding fruit. In His grace we are forever embraced with His protection; in His word we are always intellectually satisfied; in His sacrifice we are invariably forgiven; and in His creation we are eternally loved.

In this truth we are never alone. We are never left to sulk in our singleness or find gratification in a spouse. We are never trapped with the echo of silence when He is IMG_1748everywhere and anywhere you need Him to be. We just have to listen, open up the word, and trust that He is everything He says He is, rather than the lies of our world that tell us we are weak in our independence, unloved in our oneness, or perfected in our togetherness. No matter your situation, He is the only means of completeness and only avenue for utter satisfaction.

I spent a few years running full force towards things of this world I thought would gratify me. After pulling me out of that darkness He then placed me in a field of solitude away from loved ones, lack of sleep, lack of purpose. And in those months, I grew closer to God than I ever thought imaginable, because I was forced to make a choice: either allow Him to complete everything in me or run from Him to the lusts of the world, wallowing in the confines of my own mind and own desires.


We come to you in utter desperation to fulfill our minds, body, and soul. Overpower the lies of the enemy and our instinct of self-deprecation. Allow our hearts to open its doors to you wholly, letting go of the things we think we are owed in a tangible, earthly sense. Let us realize that your love is the only way to satisfaction and through your son is the only means of fulfillment. During this time of the year let those of us alone embrace your presence, and those of us together embrace your oversight. You are forever the greatest love in our life, and I thank you for completing us.


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