choosing God in a world of chaos

It’s a fact, that this life beats us down. It’s a cluster of emotion, apathy, stillness, agitation, completely unending and disturbingly complex. Unnerving, how easy it is for us to lose ourselves amidst it all. For me, this busyness is both my weakness and my strength. Both a motivation and an impasse; an opportunity and a limitation.

This world is in a constant hustle; a ruthless one that is unaware of whom it leaves behind or springs forward. It just presses on with a fierceness that challenges those ambitious enough to follow, and deprives those insecure enough to let it. So, we are pressured into the boundaries this world creates for us, unsure of what direction to turn and decisions to make. We are therefore left to our own control, our own power, our own wisdom, to take that next step the world has laid in our hands.

Do we choose to keep the pace, or take our time?

1 John 2:17 And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever

I tend to chase, without even realizing it. I succumb to the overwhelming hum of continuation, running after the excitement and fullness of this life, and therefore lose focus on the foundation of it all. I let my body and mind invariably follow the tangible movements in my week; finding motivation in the adventure and elation. One day I’ll wake up to a radical craving for the Father, an earnestness that stops me in my tracks, and convicts me.

It’s so easy to get caught up. To let deadlines, events, and even people take priority in your life, while God is patiently waiting to be called.

You see, when we choose to let the world dictate our moves and decisions, we are inescapably going to be pulled by its’ weight. It’s a part of our blameful nature as sinners, to yield in the face of abruption. And this life has mastered that concept because it’s the enemy’s swift tactic. If we are one to fall in this trap, we convince ourselves it’s all on us- our own assertion to figure it all out and make the right choices.

But if we instead place the world on the ground and God on the throne, it is never on our shoulders. This life, this soil and air, this tangible and crazy earth is withering away- slowly but surely fading, because the true life to live is waiting for us in heaven; and there’s no race to get there. We simply accept Jesus in to our life, and pursue Him and Him alone- doing that, provides guidance to those decisions and choices we constantly face, gives us strength to make them, and confidence in them.

That’s the biggest difference I find in my heart when I wake up to that craving. If I live out my life with Jesus as the center, the reason, meaning and power, my outlook is full ofIMG_3297 grace and comfort; contrary to living life constantly chasing the world and its’ assets. My own wisdom and vigor are no match to that of Gods, yet our instinct is to constantly try to prove Him wrong. The fact that I have learned this lesson on multiple occasions, and still struggle with it, shows without a doubt how constantly and desperately I need Jesus in my life.

We all do. We can’t fight this world alone, we’ll either wither away trying to catch up, or drown in its passing. Why not choose God and let the world live out its own course, and we choose to live out His?

That’s where the balance falls in to play- if I (and you) love to be busy, working with your hands, running around, there’s nothing wrong with that desire, it’s only hurtful when the focus of the pace is not God. Let your ambition, drive, work ethic and stamina come through Him and for Him- pray for His hand in it all and the gospel to be spread. Remember that this embodied world is only temporary, and therefore everything it has to offer is as well. Pray for fixation on His word, that it outlines your life and guides your heart. Slow down in moments of chaos, and remember He’s the reason behind everything, including the chaos itself.

5 thoughts on “choosing God in a world of chaos

  1. Awesome Post! I love when you said “Why not choose God and let the world live out its own course, and we choose to live out His?” Actually I loved a lot of what you wrote, but that one is standing out. The world does keep moving forward and doesn’t care who it leaves behind. I am so thankful we have Jesus!

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