in God’s timing

There is security in a well thought out plan, an absoluteness to the success of an event or meeting. Most of us, have been taught fervently to think things through, use a planner, write out ideas, and assure profit. It’s called being prepared, being smart, or being proactive. Myself one of them, I tend to lean on the foundation of these ideas. Anxiety will take over if I am not overseeing the conclusion.

I have been forced to overcome this reality for the past two years of my life. Why? Because in Jesus I am not in control.  It is not the details I write down, the possibilities I explore, or the preparation I put into place that takes dominion over my life- my savior is the only authority and the sole regulator to who I am and what I do.

What a freeing truth that is.

This world is overtly measurable in everything- we tie ourselves down by time slots, time frames and time goals. See a pattern? I am not here to say we need to throw out our clocks, but I am here to say we need to take them off their pedestal. We have justified the appropriate amount of space it takes to achieve something, complete, or acquire- and when it’s not done according to the world, we are crazy, unsuccessful, or lazy. We allow our minds to be warped into thinking our purpose is solely centered around the point with which we have accurately accomplished it; therefore, making our calling a point of time itself.

Psalm 25: 5 Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all the day long

This life physically bounds us, but spiritually we are free. The deadlines and limitations we put on ourselves are rendered useless in the eyes of Christ, because they are things of this world and not ordained by Him. The beautiful gift of His all-knowing nature is that we can lift our schedules and timelines to Him and allow His plan to follow through.

We do not have to paralyze ourselves to the past, present or future; we do not IMG_2759have to disable our freedom in obedience to the hours and minutes in each day; instead, we can lay it all down and wait on Him who controls it all.

I find immense comfort in the image of sitting on my porch, praying over His word, for an entire day. Asking Him for discernment into His divine plan, guidance for direction, and patience, so much patience. I feel as though we have developed a natural resistance to a patient body. We fight it with all our heart because time has taught us to desire immediate action. Even with a well thought out plan, we sit anxiously for the awaiting moment. Eventually it passes, and we do it all over again. It’s a fast-moving life and we get caught up in the calendar events and due times, placing God and His purpose on the back burner. A “I’ll get to it when I can” mind set.

When God becomes the only thing on your “to-do” list, anxiety is destroyed, security is limitless, time is irrelevant. He has disciplined this life according to His will, that is the only time table that matters. On this earth, we are simply living our life to glorify His name, until He returns to take us home. We are not worthy enough to know that timeline. We cannot grasp the confines of such a divine plan. We are not meant to have it all drafted out. He does this for us. We are free in His name to the depths of our time and space, because eternity is waiting for us. When you take a moment to be still, place yourself 30,000ft up and grasp the bigger picture, what we plan out ourselves, what we prepare to accomplish and how we prepare to do so, is immaterial compared to the whole of God’s commission.

We need to let the death grip go, the shielded assurance of having that plan and idea of how life will work out. We need to give our lives over to Christ and trust that His thoughts are greater than ours.

Father God,

I pray for full assurance in who you are. I pray for my feeble mind and unworthy heart to succumb to your divine plan for my life. Allow my anxieties to fall, my chains of time to break, and to rest in your control. I cannot predict the outcome, so why do I try? Change my heart so that I am still in your embrace, that I can wait on you patiently and passionately to fulfill your thoughts and desires. My will is not what dictates this life, yours is. Do not allow mine to speak louder than yours. Open my ears and open my eyes to the beauty and freedom that is your divinity and sovereignty. Father, you are the motivation and reason for everything, allow that to rule my heart.




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