i am not first

Motivation is a powerful tool our mind desires in most situations. An ambition of sorts that gives you meaning to act on or for something, and pushes our physical bodies to make the move. It’s a necessity in our world, a dependent, and without it, we fall into dormancy. This is a concept that challenges heart searching, every individual is provoked by something, and that something is uniquely specific to how you think.

At the root of it, there are two types of this inspiration. Nothing more, nothing less. It is either for the glory of God, or for yourself.

We are wired with emotion; fueled on it and gripped by it. There is no situation with which an emotional pull is not somewhat a factor, whether it be in making a decision or the consequences of one, it is existent and it is potent. The pull behind our actions and thoughts are in a way unreliable, like a child amid curiosity, where everything is interesting and nothing is right, we fall victim to our reactive nature and want what is best {what we portray as best} right that minute, no waiting. And we want to throw a tantrum or move on to the next best idea when our first option was less than perfect.

Why do we do this? We are innately selfish. From day one we are sinners. That first breath, the first blink, we are born into a sinful world and one of the most detrimental attributes of this fact is our self-centered state of being. We cling to the things that make us feel good, whether it be praise or alcohol, gossip or sex, we run after and get addicted to the items of our life that provide us with that fuel. The one that tells you how great this all is, how much you deserve it, and how much you need it. This is how our sinful mind works. Until you know Jesus.

He changes everything, and in everything we are new. We are by no means perfect, nor ever will be, but the only thing we need to burn the fire in our soul is the grace and love of our savior. When that becomes your purpose for decisions, your whole world changes.

The quick, impulsive decisions centered around physical accolades or temporary pleasure vanish. Instead, they develop into prayerful actions and Christ-centered purpose. We can change a potentially heart-breaking situation into a God-glorifying one. We can turn a very sinful moment of weakness into a beautiful sacrificial story. We can alter the judgmental conversations and shed light on the beauty of grace.

We choose God, and then everything we do is either for Him or against Him. Selfishness is daggered by a love greater than any worldly passion. Our temporary life becomes an eternal joy. I can watch my egotistical nature fall to its knees in surrender. My motivation erupts into a bountiful pit of servant-hood for His people- my neighbors, my family, my community- in every situation there becomes a choice; is it for myself, or for God?


Search my heart for the things that make me run from you. Shatter my pride, shatter my selfishness, and let my actions and thoughts be only of you and your light. Let me walk the way you did, so brightly, FullSizeRender (12)anyone I speak to wonders what it is. Let me stand strong in the face of temptation, that in moments of frantic decisions and deceitful pleasure I cling to the truth you’ve given and the purpose you provide. I am here for you Lord, not myself. Everything I do or say needs to be for your glory, Lord. Allow me to do your work without doubt or hesitation. Father thank you for the strength and guidance you continuously provide.

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