dealing with the change

I am sitting on a dock, toes teasing the water and completely mesmerized by its personality. Not just the ocean itself, but this state. Florida has shown me an indecisive character; one that is beautifully bright and warming one minute, and angered with rain the next. I have learned to carry sunglasses and an umbrella at all times, expect a constant disagreement between wind and humidity, and fall completely in love with its averseness.

To be honest, my first visit I was frustrated with this. Not knowing how to prepare for the day or the possibility of plans changing. The planner in me was livid with inability to fulfill her purpose. It didn’t take long to laugh at this absurd reality of mine. Want to know why?

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Amidst an atmosphere that is continuously changing, God never does.

The weather in Florida is mimicking my human flawed heart. Is not my dreams, struggles, joys and love always changing? Am I not perfectly content one day to dealing with a tragedy the next? I can tell you with complete confidence that I am not as put together as my calendar seems. The color coding, lists, and check marks are nothing more than an excuse to ignore the part of me that is lazy, forgetful, and selfish.

I sympathize with the surface of the ocean, while the waves come crashing in, my mind and heart are colliding just the same. My heart wants something that the mind doesn’t, or someone nearby is criticizing me for something I have no control over; the point is there is not one moment of our life that is not going to emotionally test us. We are going to go through hardships, we are going to fall to the burden of pain, but we are also going to experience the gift of love, the overwhelming sensation of joy and thrill. And all of these can occur in a couple of hours. We are a state of being that is wavering, storming one minute and sunny the next.

But God doesn’t.

He is secure, powered, immovable. He is our safe place and our fortress. We rely on Him because our flesh cannot handle life without Him. We cannot guard ourselves from the devils’ antics, but we can take up our shield of Christ, and walk through the changing world with certainty.

Sounds like a contradiction to put change and certainty in the same sentence. But in fact, it makes complete sense. You see, one is from the human, and another from God. They balance each other out. If we were so full of wisdom, if we knew all and were completely perfect, why would we need God? We are designed in God’s image, to desire Him, to follow Him, and to know Him. It is through our imperfections, our wavering, our sins- the sun, wind and storms- that allow us to laugh, and know that God is bigger than it all. While we change, He remains the same. While we question and fight, He loves us still. While we fail at what seems like everything, He has already won.

When I am reminded of this truth, I think of a father and his kids. Children are learning, growing, asking questions, and feeling every emotion possible with grunt force, and the father (and mother) tend to all of it. The Lord is our Father, and we are his children. Is it not His job to watch after us, to be patient with us, to love us despite all our misconceptions and changing of minds? It is; and He does it flawlessly.

God is our perfection. He is the sense we search for and the strength we lift for. He stands firm on the forceful waves and makes them calm.

My toes are now submerged in the ocean, floating with the waves, and I’m laughing, because a storm is rolling in.

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