breaking the rules

Rules are used to dictate a standard; a decree to a way of living or behavior, and what specifically to do or not do in situations. We follow them, we break them, and as generations change many will judge you based on those numbers. It’s a race we run until one day, hopefully, we understand that there’s no prize.

Mine was a sprint. I followed those around me, running and panting after an acceptance that I would never obtain; a status that stole my self-worth and replaced it with conditional love.

These “rules” that I strove to break were a big part of the reason I ran from God; because God dictated these rules and I was not ready to follow them.

A week ago I had a post my resume for Jesus where I discussed the idea that we do not have to prove our worth to follow God, we simply have to choose Him. These guidelines that so many people run from, are more than just misunderstood, but unbelievably warped.

There is a big difference between following rules and following Jesus. Let me explain.

Being loved by Jesus and chosen by Him is not a prize at the end of the day, it is there all the time, from day one. We do not have to be in a certain place with our life, have a specific amount of check marks under “rules followed” to have grace. We do not have to be discouraged with check marks under “rules broken.,” either.

There are no rules my friends- it’s simply follow Jesus, or not. But that’s where this whole concept has developed. When you truly follow Jesus, you desire to be like Him in all His ways. God’s character is vast, but to name a few; forgiving, loving, sacrificial, servant-hood, grace. We choose to learn through His character, mimicking the grace with which he loved his people {all his people} and sacrificing his own desires for the glory of God. It means we desire to abide by His design for this life- Adam and Eve, sex made for marriage, not participating in drunkenness, or judging your neighbors- these are the “rules” that we run from.

But if a believer is reading this with a life that exemplifies these “rules” being broken, then I pray for your heart to be changed. You see, when your heart is for the Lord, these aren’t regulations, they are an example of how Jesus lived, and how we will strive to live. It’s a mindset. Its understanding that living a life for Christ is greater than any desire of the flesh. It means choosing to follow His lead and there’s understanding that we aren’t perfect, but in grace we are forgiven. It means God doesn’t keep tally on all our shortcomings, our failures, but rather searches the heart for true devotion.

We live for His glory, so that race of mine was foolish, because it wasn’t towards God but away.

Psalm 18:30 This God- his way is perfect, the word of the Lord proves true, he is a shield for all of those that take refuge in Him.

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