finding rest

When life gets busy without me, I pray for patience. Those are the days that don’t seem to include you in its’ grand plan, everyone and thing hustling around, chasing after the time that never seems to catch up. I get anxious, worrisome about the details of who I am and if this world would miss me. So patience, the capacity to tolerate hardship, or suffering. It’s the emotional level that satisfies the longing and restless mind.

As I run, feet pounding on the paved trail, or ankles straining over the rocky gravel, I imagine that mindset as my endgame. The finish line. Run, and keep running until that solitude overwhelms my body. It’s inevitable, every time, that as I try to catch my breath and slow my heart rate, I feel it, I’m there.

But I realized something, it’s not patience I long for, its rest. I do not want to simply tolerate my personal battles, I want to defeat it. I want to outrun it. But here’s the thing, it’s not my job to win.

Proverbs 21:31 The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord.

I can train, every day, mile after mile, and still fail at defeating the enemy. Why? Because God is the victor, and it has already been won by Him, for me. This is the truth that carries me day by day. Though patience is needed, and longed for, it is truly a restful heart that I desire.

Can you be fully rested? It’s a complicated state of being, to believe someone can be completely at ease amidst a bustling, busy world. But that’s exactly what our Father offers us through Christ.

  1. My life is His.
  2. He has already conquered death.
  3. His thoughts are higher than my thoughts.
  4. He loves me more than I can grasp.

I find peace within these four truths. I understand that every day is for my God, not me. When I remember that, there’s nothing this life can win over me. The restlessness, becomes useless because I have assurance in God’s plan. My suffering becomes meaningful because God loves me. Fear becomes irrelevant because death no longer has its hold.

We do not have to simply tolerate the bad hand were dealt, we can power through it, glorifying His name, and continuing out the victory that has given us this life. I can run for miles, one foot after the other, motivated by the power of the holy spirit, and leave the battle already defeated, at the start line.


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