The trail today was swarming with overgrown trees. They lingered over the path creating a collision of unwanted obstacles in the way of my hike. They were clearly dehydrated from the lack of consistent rain in the last month, as well as the smoldering heat. As I was unnecessarily frustrated with the circumstance, I looked down to notice my happy four-legged friend trotting through the bush without a care in the world. She was happy to be out in the woods, running free and running fast.

I laughed, tightened my backpack strings, and took off on a trail run following her lead. It was 88 degrees, sweat dripping in my eyes but I looked at my surroundings with awe as I remembered to see even the fallen leaves as beautiful.

I forgot for a moment the reason I love the woods and venturing through them. Its cleansing, every single time.

Hebrews 4:7 …Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts

When I enter an environment with a selfish heart, I inevitably leave it unsatisfied, having judged it or mocked it. But with a softened heart, the kind that only God can provide, my mind enters a necessary rest. I remembered this verse in Hebrews as I hit the second mile of my run. My speed picked up and feet went numb as I desired to run after His words. Many times, in this book you see “Today.” It’s an urgency, as in right this minute. I was ready, as I normally am, to step back into His light. But what about in an unclear moment?

This verse is also referring to entering His rest. The same kind of rest that God took from his own works. There are many ways you can read this, but today, right now, I think about a tranquil state of mind in its entirety. Meaning, to completely lay your troubles and desires down at His feet, and refresh your soul.

As I came to the end of the trail, I fell with a prayer for an urgent heart, all the time. To run after His words, His hope and His rest, and burry the selfish desires behind me.

Today, I strive. I pray that tomorrow I will too.

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