I think it’s an instinct, even a reflex, to fear the dark. It’s an environment of complete unknown, taunting our creative minds to depict a stranger lurking in the corner, a monster under the bed. The worst deception is that of a ghost, or rather an evil spirit that you can’t physically defend yourself from. How would you run, what would you say, and would you survive?

You can see how quickly our perceptions allude us. Our mentality is not equipped to handle this world’s intellect, being an arrangement of angst, darkness, and temptations. In what perfect scenario could we find joy amidst a combination like that.

Think back to your childhood, clinging to your blankets in a very dark room until your mom comes in to turn on the nightlight. That tiny, solace of brightness is a source of pure tranquility. With that on, your world is untouchable. A soundless, dreamless sleep awaits, because you can see the confines of your room and know that you are indeed safely alone.

“He is the radiance of the glory of God” Hebrews 1:3

The counter instinct to fearing the dark, is running towards the light. It symbolizes comfort, knowing, and goodness.

Take a second to think about this logic- the weakness and fragility our hearts are to anything other than solid comfort. But don’t get caught up with that- our instability is one of the most beautiful depictions of God’s love for us, and our need for Him.

This verse in Hebrews has been on my mind for a week now. There is an important and radiant difference between this verse and the classic John 8:12 “…I am the light of the world.”

In John, He is referring to Jesus’s role as the messiah; His sacrifice for us brought light into a dark and sinful world, He was our hope and redemption. The verse went on to say “whoever follows me.” Meaning, this light he provides is for those who deny themselves completely, and follows in obedience to the one who is providing it.

Now hop over to Hebrews. The word radiance itself refers to the same “light” as before, also meaning warmth, joy, and brilliance> Jesus is our light and that hasn’t changed; what did though, is the part that says “of the glory of God.” This verse is not meant as symbolism, but rather a direct truth that Jesus, our savior, is God himself and reflecting out his own glory.

Another way to say it, is that God does not mirror light, he created it, is it, and sustains it. You can chase the glowing sun and cling to your nightlight, but the true essence of light is God and God alone.

My point here, is that when our illusions and creativity get the best of us, when we fear the dark corners and being alone, the only way of finding security is to run after our Father-

He lights up our world with His wisdom and grace, and He’s the very core and lifeblood to our comfort, joy, and redemption, leaving us without any reason to wonder what we cannot see, or what we cannot fathom.

He is all of it.

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