He is greater

There are instances of life that can change so suddenly; where one moment of calm shatters into anxiety. This looks different for everyone, and for me, its failing. Within one heartbeat my body temperature rises and my mind enters a dark place, consumed with the fear of consequences, outcomes, and opinions. It’s one of the many battles that blog5require a sword and shield but often I forget that that protection is God.

Failure is a loaded word, and it’s thriving element is our insecurities. But our Father is its’ dictator, meaning it has no authority over our life. In situations that we feel small, insignificant, and incompetent, God waits for us to call on Him.

I strive to remember my purpose is in God’s hands, not those of man. Therefore, I am not exhausted with that of school, jobs, talent, income- but given freedom from their hold on us.


Thank you for your fatherly love. The kind of grace and forgiveness that I don’t deserve but desperately need. I pray for the strength to hold onto that truth in moments of fear; when I am consumed with the idea of failure let your love burst through me, freeing my heart from the chains of human fault. The mistakes I have made and will continue to make are grave, but you are greater and worthier than all of it. There is not enough praise in the world to suffice that message. So, I thank you, and love you.


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