His ways

His ways

Like a brick wall, the air disrupts my path

Sturdy, immovable and resistant to my quarreling

Holding steadfast to its position

as grievance erupts the inner peace I falsely claimed-

on a normal day the air would attract freshness

an overwhelmingly calmative oasis

that I find myself clinging to more often than not-

now suddenly that escape has surfaced

and I am at a loss for direction,

wandering in a world that is not my own-

I ponder the purpose it has and the extent

Its’ assurance will last in my way

And without hesitation another wall appears-

Neither lefts nor rights will direct me out

And the clarity I once had has been impeded

To a fully equipped front and I realize,

It is no more my job to break them down

Than it is to choose my path-


Isaiah 55:8 for My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways

simple thought

Because I can no longer plan my own future, and I can no longer wake up in the morning deciding for myself who I need to be and where I need to go. We have a tendency to convince ourselves God is directing our path when things are falling into our own plan- this is why when life suddenly turns around on us, we first blame God before pondering the idea that he’s redirecting us back to Him.

Why are we so quick to assume Him saying “no” is a ghastly thing. What if in reality it’s Him saying “yes.” Yes to choosing Him, loving Him, listening to Him, and following Him.

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