i know what God wants me to do

One of the most confusing things in our life is knowing what to do and who to be. We fall into this routine where the activities and jobs you have define where you’re at in life. Success, fame, achievement, praise, promotion, recognition- these are valued at a higher price than what they’re worth. We make them idols, and use them as comparisons to the fruits of our own doing; hence putting the award on ourselves, as well as the failure.

My disgruntlement towards things throughout my day has always been based around this idea; I actively sought after acclamation to determine how I felt about myself and my performance.

What I didn’t realize is how quickly that was crushing my spirit, and de-glorying my God.

It doesn’t stop there though- then, many Christians will put the reasoning on God himself, trying to speak for him. It looks like this: “I believe this is what God wants me to do;” “I think this is God’s plan for me.” These statements are justifications for actions or steps that we want for ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, God most certainly has a plan for us, and it’s in tune with where we’re at and what we do- but there’s a big difference here. God’s desire for us is not necessarily the job or promotion itself, it is how we glorify His name within that place.

I have been wanting to write for many, many years- ever since I could hold a pencil. Somewhere along the way, I stopped writing about God and more about empty things. Recently, I remembered the reason I love to write, and who I love to write about- Jesus.

In a heartbeat, I made the distinction. I used to tell people that I believed God’s will for me was to be a writer- knowing selfishly that it was an image of myself that I personally wanted. Then I realized the important truth here- all God wants for us is to glorify his name in everything we do and teach his word to others.

You see, it is not the physical act of writing that I should have been putting on a pedal-stool, but the beautiful idea of glorifying his holy name through my words.

This was an unbelievable awakening that uprooted my entire outlook on living my life.

Understand this: that a huge part of God’s master plan is choosing to praise Him in all aspects of our day- with any job we have, any person we are with, and any circumstance we are within. You will no longer be able to use God as an excuse to do what you want to do, or get out of whatever it is that you want to.

Why? Because you will learn to be perfectly and completely content with a “job” of sharing Jesus with the world around you- and no human praise, recognition, or fame could top that feeling.

A simple story

I am in the middle of training for a job. It’s hard. Long hours of physical and mental exhaustion where the responsibility of both performance and morale are on you.

I am someone who doesn’t like to admit, that needs praise when things get rough. I realized, that unless I received this at least once a week, I would get down on myself.

I started making excuses to friends and family saying “I don’t know if this is what God wants me to do.” Lies.

Why? Because what God wants me to do is be a ray of joy during hardship; show my coworkers that there is a reason to be wonderfully happy about life because of what our savior has done for us.

This truth, brought me out of a false happiness that I had been building for myself- I now handle criticism and just everyday experiences in a completely different manner; because I no longer ask the question, “who does God want me to be?” The answer is in the bible. Right there, a page turn away.

How breathtaking is that.

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